Uptime presents car sharing app to Danish municipalities

If you want the attention of Danish municipalities, the Digitalization Fair in Odense is the right place to go! This was the main lesson four employees of Uptime Denmark learned during the public sector day of the fair on October 3, as the international development company participated at the fair for the first time.

Digitalization Fair is aimed at public managers and employees as well as politicians who work with and are interested in digitization and IT. The fair focuses sharply on the municipalities’ digital opportunities. The purpose of the fair is to build bridges between municipalities, developers, suppliers, public partners and project holders.

Thanks to the newly launched car sharing app which Uptime Development A/S in Denmark developed together with Nabogo, it was an easy task to draw attention from participants of the fair. Guests from municipalities all over the country showed great interest, many of whom are facing the same challenges satisfying the needs of rural areas in times with increasingly poorer public transport connections. Car sharing app can support public transportation providing for people alternative ways to reach the destination.

This way the app also served as an eye opener for many officials to use Uptime Development as a possible future partner in the continued efforts to digitize public administration and ease the communication between citizens and authorities.

Digitalization Fair is held by KL (The Association of Danish Municipalities) in collaboration with Borgerservice Danmark (lifeindenmark.dk) and KIT@ (The Association of Municipal IT Managers). The collaboration ensures that the fair shows all sides of the digitization.