ÄRIPÄEV news portals and thematic webs
Software Development
Objectives of the project
  • Make editing and managing of news creation more convenient and faster
  • Provide more dynamic visuals that were no longer possible on an old and rigid product
  • Harmonize the thematic webs code base for cost-effective solution across all thematic websites
  • A modern presentation layer based on React.js was created with dynamic stand-alone microservices to manage reading rights, content display, news lists sisplay and more
  • Configuring, developing and deploying OpenContent article creation software for the project
  • Migrating news from the old environment to the new environment
  • Technologies used: React.js, Node.js, Laravel PHP, Solr, Elastic Search, Amazon AWS, Docker and more

Aripaev.ee is the largest local business media portal and one of the most visited websites in Estonia, featuring business news and thematical portals. The Äripäev newspaper has been published since 1989 and additionally the company publishes magazines, books, handbooks and newsletters, and organizes business conferences. Äripäev is owned by Bonnier Group, the largest media group in the Nordic countries.

Uptime OÜ has been a development partner of Äripäev since 1994. The development of Äripäev’s news portals and theme websites is the latest major collaboration with Uptime, which created two news portals (äripäev.ee, dv.ee) and 19 thematic websites (for example, raamatupidaja.ee, virtuaalkliinik.ee, ituudised.ee, imelineajalugu.ee, etc).

The news display on the web is configurable with the help of the implemented OpenContent product and gives editors the flexibility they need to lock the story, display pictures and galleries, tables, graphs and videos to reach the readers in the most engaging way.

The created technology platform also allows to compile interesting newsletters and supports the concept of “My Äripäev”, where reader can follow the keywords he is interested in and get personalised news list to e-mail address so that the user sees the content he is most interested.

During nearly a 1.5-year project, Uptime has developed 7 back end APIs that each deal with certain business functionality: reading/subscribing permissions, displaying article listings, search, keywords or displaying article content. The front end was built on the principle of a multi-tenant site so that similar sites could use the same code lines for cost-effectiveness – a total of 4 different code bases were built.

It was also important to ensure that all sites were upgraded to a new platform during the development process, because some parts still used the old system.

Not less important was the transfer of articles published since 1997 and the management of the differences between new and old systems.

We are long-term partners with Uptime and have been cooperating since 1994. Thus, the system for editing and publishing new articles was familiar to both parties, and the development was much smoother. We got a more flexible system that was no longer as rigid as the older platform, and thanks to the unified codebase of thematic web sites, creating new products and thematic webs for Äripäev is now much faster and easier.
Toomas Jõgi
IT manager, Äripäev