AS SL Õhtuleht
Mobile app of Õhtuleht newspaper
Objectives of the project
  • Create a new mobile app for Õhtuleht what is smoother, faster, and with better usability
  • The mobile app is available on Google Play and Apple App Store platforms
  • The application is built on React Native
  • The mobile app uses Õhtuleht API
  • This is a continuing project that is being updated and developed on a rolling basis

The newspaper Õhtuleht began publishing in Tallinn since 1944. Newspaper became a nationwide tabloid-style evening daily in 1997. In 2000, two competing tabloids merged – Sõnumileht and Õhtuleht for the joint publication SL Õhtuleht.

Company SL Õhtuleht AS belongs to media groups Ekspress Grupp and Suits Media in equal shares.

Currently, the circulation of the newspaper is 45 700, making it the the largest daily newspaper in Estonia. The editor-in-chief is Martin Šmutov, and in addition to the newspaper, there is also a web portal, a digital newspaper and mobile apps.

Õhtuleht planned to upgrade seriously their mobiile app and add new features that mobile web does not have: for example, horizontal scrolling between headings and displaying important messages directly on mobile screens.

The new version includes updated header pages, footers, all updated menus, search, commentary, related track links, gallery, and more. The views of the articles are based largely still in HTML, much the same as seeing in the portal’s web view.

The ReactNative was used when making the Project, and this was updated to new versions what came out during the Project. Also some changes were made to Õhtuleht API, whichs needed rework and updating in app development, but eventually it was completed on the latest platforms and developed with the needs of client.

This project will definitely be further developed and refined.

The app is in TOP 10 of Estonian news apps in Apple App Store and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times from Google Play Store.

Download this mobile app for Android and IOS.

"The old mobile application was a "container-type" solution that simply showed the content of the web browser on small screen. We found that readers deserve more and we started to look for a possible development partner and a suitable platform about a year ago. Since we had already collaborated with Uptime before, we turned to them and after some set-up, they agreed to start our development of the React Native based mobile application at our request. The work was started over a year ago, and this year we were able to come out with the application. Nevertheless, we are very pleased with the result, as the application is comfortably fast and smooth in comparison to previous one. And since it is a native-type application, the integration of application-to-phone is much better now - for example, social media sharing or watching live broadcasts on Facebook."
Urmas Talivee
IT Manager, AS SL Õhtuleht