CRM solution for SOS Children´s Village to improve customer relations and information storing
SOS Children’s Village
Software Development
Objectives of the project
  • To create a viable solution for storing, filtering and using donators´ data
  • To replace Excel-based information database with a comfortable modern solution
  • To ensure better communication opportunity with the donators
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform customized according to specific needs
  • Interface with e- mail marketing software Mailbow

SOS Children’s Village provides family-based home for children without parental care, making sure these kids can still grow up in the environment that provides love, respect and security.
The first Village was established in 1995 and the program has since helped raise over 1000 children.

For Association of SOS Children´s Village, it is very important to thank each supporter and to keep all information related to history of the donations.
There are long-term or single donations, private donators and businesses. Depending on the type of the donator, data that has to be collected is different.
So far, all information was kept in massive Excel tables, which did not enable adequate availability and user convenience.

Uptime created a solution using Microsoft CRM software and adapting it to the specific needs of SOS Children’s Village.
Since it is also important to interact and share information with the supporters, we created an interface using e-mail marketing software Mailbow.
To help current and future employees understand how to use the new programs, we prepared a paper manual and conducted trainings.

" Uptime is a great business partner due to their knowledge and experience. They know what will work and create the right solution. Plus they are there to help, until you really understand how to use your new software. "
Kadi Sumberg
Head of Fundraiser