Taxi app Taxilink
Mobile and cloud
Objectives of the project
  • Create an attractive environment that would encourage the use of taxi services through the app
  • Increase order-taking capability - with the app, a customer can get a taxi faster than making a call to call center and taxi drivers can have more orders
  • Make the app available on iOS and Android platforms in their respective app stores
  • A mobile app for iOS and Android users that combines Tallink Takso and Takso24 taxis and makes it easy to order them via mobile app
  • The Taxilink search is intelligently solved so that the app always finds the nearest taxi and shows its arrival on the map
  • You can choose between different payment methods: cash, debit card, credit card
  • Technologies: VueJS, Webpack - JS / CSS / HTML Module Bundler, TypeScript, Bulma, Cordova, Firebase, App Center, Azure DevOps, .NET Core, MSSQL and more

In a situation where Bolt, Uber and other ride-sharing services have been vigorously entering the market and making booking very easy, Tallink Taxi, a traditional taxi service provider, has been looking for a mobile app to make ordinary taxi service booking more convenient. The new app allows the customer to book a taxi faster and more conveniently than by calling, and can track how far is the arriving car already. On the other hand, the app also offers the advantages of ordinary taxi services that meet all requirements. Taxi drivers can have more work done with the new app.

The taxi client will be able to see the estimated cost of the journey and the time of arrival, which will be calculated on the basis of traffic and previous experience.

The Taxilink application was developed by Uptime, who has previously done software development for Tallink Taxi. A year ago, Tallink´s taxi call center, on-board computer and backoffice software were completed by Uptime. A taxi app provides the comfort of a ride sharing service with the assurance of quaranteed service quality of an official taxi service.

The new mobile application was created with a simple and clear user interface using the VueJS framework and developed using Cordova, VueJS, Firebase and Azure cloud services.

Apps are available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

One of Estonia's largest taxi companies, Tallink Takso and Takso24, introduced a new taxi app developed in Estonia. Compared to existing ride sharing apps, the new app always offers the customer an official taxi with a fixed fare. Bolt and Uber have significantly changed the situation in the Estonian taxi market. The application Taxilink, created in cooperation with Taxitech OÜ and Uptime OÜ, gives a traditional taxi company the opportunity to compete with the technology giants in their home market. Before the journey you can get an approximate cost and the time it takes for taxi to arrive. The price is calculated using a calibrated taximeter and is calculated on a per-kilometer or time-based rate, but not both at the same time. The application is not using a bid-demand coefficient algorithm, so all booked taxi fares are always calculated at the same price, regardless of the day and time.
Tõnu Uusmaa
Member of the Board of Tallink Takso