Our Projects

Puumarket AS
Mobile and cloud Support services
Objectives of the project
  • To ascertain the needs of all users
  • To create collaboration tool for the customer´s management team
  • To maintain e-mail server accounts of the employees that do not require collaboration function
  • Microsoft Office 365 accounts
  • Mail-server accounts

Puumarket AS is a wooden material retail and wholesale company, established in 1991, offering a wide assortment of wooden materials.
Puumarket is a founding member and a long-time supporter of the wood dignifying program and a founding member of the Wooden Building Cluster.

Puumarket´s sales offices are located across country, so the company´s management team needed a solution that allows team members to share and synchronize their calendars and e-mails in Outlook and mobile, and share creation of documents. Some of the company´s employees did not need the collaboration function.
Based on Puumarket´s business needs, hybrid solution was the answer to suit all user groups. E-mail accounts of the accountable team members were moved to Office 365 platform, that includes collaboration software and automatic synchronization of e-mails and calendars. E-mail accounts of employees who did not need the groupwork capability, remained into mail-server of a local provider. Puumarket decided to move its IT-system to cloud server gradually and on basis of need, not all at once, which will also save costs.

Puumarket plans to introduce additional Office 365 features such as groupwork portal “OneDrive for Business”, a solution that enables creating and storing of documents both computer based and in the cloud, and “Skype for Business”.

" We appreciate Uptime´s way of doing business. They thoroughly investigated our company´s requirements and found the best solution in terms of our specifics and employees´ needs, which now gives us an opportunity to considerably save the valuable time. "
Marti Rehemaa
CEO, Chairman of the Board