Uptime introduced its export strategy and entering new markets

Last week, ITL convened a seminar where Uptime presented its export strategies and different approaches for entering new markets. More than 40 IT companies were listening to the three speakers.

Uptime has created a local team in each new market to better provide services for long-term customers. The local team knows the market best, understands the customers in their own country and can also provide them with substantive business support.



Äripäev Radio Station Launched – Uptime is Sponsoring a Broadcast About Export Companies

Leading Estonian business news publisher Äripäev (part of the Bonnier Group) started their own radio broadcasts in September. The radio station broadcasts business news and talk shows on business days. Once a month there is a radio show about Export Companies called “Ekspordivedurid”, which introduces successful examples of Estonian companies. Uptime is the main sponsor of this radio show.

This one hour long radio show was first on aired on September 4th, when Uptime CEO Eero Tohver presented the software developer´s experiences of expanding abroad.

The radio broadcast is in Estonian, but you can a find brief summary below.