IT Team Lead Aleksandr enjoys a great responsibility and a cohesive team

In Uptime, being a team lead is more than just IT project management. In addition to that, team lead also deals with people management and customer relation management. Such versatile work suited Aleksandr and so he came to Uptime. He currently works with both start-up clients and already established companies.

It needs to be familiar with their area of ​​business and to understand what the client’s business model is more precisely – With each of them he needs to get to know their business and understand their business model.



Software developer Tanel Hiob: Oslo is the closest Silicon Valley for us

In Uptime, developers can also work in some other exciting places, such as Oslo in Norway, where Uptime also has an office. Developer and IT architect Tanel Hiob headed there to be closer to the customer while still staying with Uptime team. There are things you can’t do remotely, and teamwork at a Norwegian start-up banking business has become a new exciting challenge for Tanel.

We examined what he is doing in Norway right now.