How Uptime beat home office boredom during this emergency period

As the coronavirus emergency situation had kept us all in our home offices for several months, gradually everyone started to get bored and wanted a chance to get out of the room. To keep the spirit of the Uptime team fresh, we decided to get people out of the house following the 2+2 rule and sent them to explore Tallinn at the weekend. We created an orienteering application which guided users to the coordinates of various checkpoints at exciting places in both Tallinn’s city center and the Old Town.More


Fill up the car: new app makes it easier to get to and from the city

Uptime Development A/S, our office in Denmark developed a new car sharing app together with Nabogo. App can be used in different places to improve public transport with supporting organized ridesharing.  

For Uptime group and for Uptime Development A/S in Denmark, it is usual that we develop new products and software thinking together with startups and companies, helping them to adapt software exactly to their business models.

Nabogo is a private company, the solution has done together with Vejle municipality and company have sold the solution to several others. The new app will complement the bus connections for the citizens of Smidstrup. 

Following is an article from TVS by Anne Bolding published here with their permission.



Uptime helped to develop a comfortable taxi app with many new features

Taxitech ordered a taxi app from Uptime, which would bring the convenience of ride sharing services to the traditional taxi business and which must be attractive enough to make people start to use a traditional taxi service more often.