Uptime supported outstanding Robotics teams from small county schools

Young tech enthusiasts are awesome! Children will get into activities to try out new things, do stuff with their own hands. For roboticists, it is the feeling when your first codes make the robot follow commands and obey your will.

We wish that all children could participate in technology hobby groups and get the opportunity to learn robotics, something that seems really difficult but actually is not. Cool automatons can be built and brought to life with simple programming merely using Lego bricks.
We encourage the smaller counties and schools to also open and maintain robotics hobby groups. This is why we are supporting the outstanding clubs from small schools, help them get better equipment and to develop their activities.



Uptime contributes to better education

Being a large IT company, we feel how important is to bring technology interest to young people.
Cutting-edge ICT sector is the key to countries´ economical success, therefore the importance of quality education will only grow.
To contribute to the upbringing of the new generation of programmers and IT-specialists, Uptime offers internship places to talented students year-round, give lectures in the universities and sponsor hand-picked projects.

This fall, we help to bring Young teachers to School.